JACQUES, documentary + Q&A with filmmaker Lysandre Leduc-Boudreau
Bellows Falls Opera House

JACQUES documentary showing + Q&A with film maker, Lysandre Leduc-Boudreau at the Bellows Falls Opera House in VT on Saturday, October 7th 6:30PM.

"For over forty years, Jacques Duhoux, expedition pioneer in norther Quebec, has lived alone in the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains. Now at 85 years old, he continues to live off the grid, despite the inevitable decline that comes with age. A tribute to a true monument of norther exploration, Jacques exposes the delicate balance between nature, aging and the search for freedom. "

Kroka Winter Semester students have had the opportunity over the years to stay with Jacques on route to their Uapishka ski expeditions. This event is a celebration of Jacques, traditional northern travel and expeditionary life, the beauty and rigor of winter adventure, and a time for us to share the impact that Jacques has had on so many of us.

"Lynne and I met Jacques in 1993, on our first winter expedition to Mont Groulx (now Uapishka, or White Mountains in Innu). Back then, the Trans-Labrador Highway was still being built, a rough dirt road, covered in a thick layer of ice. Jacques was running a guide service, Adventure Nomade, mushing dog teams up the narrow, steep gorge to the Plato, raising pups, training apprentices, and building beautiful log structures with windows salvaged from a car junkyard.  We stayed at the guest cabin for several nights, we did not speak French, nor did he speak English, but understood each other well, through the universal language of home-made equipment, topographic maps, covered in dotted lines, finely split kindling stack, and well-maintained paths through the 15-foot deep snow. We became friends, writing paper letters that the truck drivers would drop off for Jacques at KM 330. We came back many times and introduced generations of Kroka staff and students to the magic of the mountains and the man, who lives in harmony with nature and spreads love and kindness to all who dare to venture into his remote and beautiful corner of the world, where snow stays for 8 months of the year and the black flies rule the rest of the time. The term “Jacquean architecture” came out of our observations of his way of building structures with natural materials, utilizing curves of wood, many structures at Kroka are influenced by Camp Nomade. Jacques chose to live in nature and to help translate the language of love, beauty, and simplicity, and much of what became Kroka came out of our encounters with this gentle nomad of the boreal forest." -Misha Golfman, Kroka's Co-Founder

Join us for this documentary screening, Q&A with the filmmaker, and support a future Kroka Winter Semester Student through this exciting event and fundraiser! All proceeds from this event will go to the Kroka Scholarship Fund, to support a local student wishing to join the Winter Semester!

 Tickets are available through the Bellows Falls Opera House website:


DATES: October 7, 2023
TIME(S): 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM