2023 Ecuador Semester Program

Kroka's Ecuador Semester is a cross-cultural journey from New England to the diverse and expansive landscape of Ecuador. Team members will develop sound judgment for healthy risk-taking as they become competent in technical adventure sports. They will practice earth skills, including basketry, knife, and paddle making. Students will emerge from the program empowered and inspired to transform what they have learned in nature and community into altruistic action.

This program is for Gap Year students (ages 18-21) and Semester graduates. High School and/or college credit is available. Kroka requires Semester students to contribute a minimum of $500 of earned income (e.g. from informal employment such as babysitting or lawn care, or from formal employment such as retail or restaurant work, or from selling handicrafts or artwork) towards their tuition.

STATUS: Limited
DATES: September 4 - December 16, 2023
AGES: 18 - 21