Community Event: Rock Climbing at Rumney

A day of rock climbing in Rumney with our Ecuadorian climbing specialists, David Alvarez Silva and Marga Cardoso. Enjoy the crisp fall air and wonderful views from above on this day of climbing with world-class experts!  On this weekend you will continue to push your physical limits, and learn new technical and rope management skills. 

The group will meet at 9am at the largest, second parking lot on Buffalo Road in Rumney, NH. Click here for a description of the area, including driving directions. Please carpool with other families from your area! Family camping is available at Kroka on Friday night (bring your own tents and sleeping gear!). Email by Thursday, September 2nd if you are interested in finding people to carpool with, or to arrange an overnight stay at Kroka.

Please bring your own healthy, easy-to-eat food for the day, and consider bringing a snack to share with the group!

Overnight camping at Kroka is available on Friday night, please

Sliding Scale Cost: $30, $50, $80

Please assess what your family can pay and choose the appropriate tier. Thank you for your support!

STATUS: Completed
DATES: September 4, 2021
TIME(S): 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
AGES: 8 yrs and older
DEMOGRAPHICS: Open to all Kroka students with prior climbing experience and their families.
BRING: Please wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing for a day of climbing, including warm layers for when you are belaying. If you own personal climbing equipment, please bring it with you, otherwise, Kroka will supply all the necessary gear for this event.
APPLICATION FEE: $80.00 (due immediately in addition to any other charges)